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Vampires, Zombies, & Wanton Souls
Marge Simon
Diary of a Spider - Doreen Cronin, Harry Bliss Funny, but for kids beyond pre-school age. At 2 years nine months, Sigourney didn't grasp the humor: "Mom said I was getting too big for my own skin. So I molted." Ba-dum-pum! Like I said, funny.

Illustrator Harry Bliss of New Yorker fame does great work again. The refined, cartoony drawings accentuate Cronin's satirical diary format. Spider's final diary entry is my personal favorite: "I wish that people wouldn't judge all spiders based on the few spiders that bite. I know if we took the time to get to know each other, we would get along just fine. Just like me and Fly." Avoiding stereotypes, taking the time to get to know different people, nurturing diverse friendships--not bad lessons for kids to learn! And Bliss' accompanying illustration of Spider and Fly at play outside their clubhouse helps tell the story perfectly. A good book for kindergarteners and up.