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Children Make Terrible Pets - Peter  Brown Absolutely hilarious! Our going-on-3-year-old giggled and giggled throughout. By putting a bear in the position of pet owner and a child as pet, Brown teaches young children some important lessons. Would you like to be neglected or disrespected? Probably not, so treat pets, animals, and other children with kindness and respect. ("Do unto others...",after all.) Do we sound strange to animals or people who speak other languages? Probably, so we should communicate carefully, and think hard before we extract wild animals from their natural habitat. Are pets low maintenance? Nope, so be sure you're willing to take on the responsibilities of providing for their basic needs.

Our toddler LOVED the scene where Lucy tries to potty train Squeeker in a litter box. Having gone through potty training with her recently and reading the book [b:Big Girls Go Potty|13537593|Big Girls Go Potty|Marianne Richmond|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348562209s/13537593.jpg|19099687] repeatedly, she could relate well with the situation. Her experience with our ornery chihuahua also helped her grasp the story's significance for pet ownership. Brown does a great job of using humor and silly situations to make simple educational points. There's really nothing to criticize with Children Make Terrible Pets. Enjoy!