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The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See - Richard Rohr Loved it! Adored it! Good lord The Naked Now is a good and useful read on the importance of contemplation--"a nondualistic way of seeing the moment"--in the spiritual life. I brought an affinity for the idea of mysticism to my reading of this text. But I've proven entirely too distractible by my family life to exercise my mystical sensibilities. Rohr makes mystical union with the Divine through contemplation seem possible! Between Rohr, St. Seraphim of Sarov, and Julian of Norwich, I feel I have excellent mentors available for living as a Christian contemplative.

Rohr's own writing is solid enough. Then he bolsters his own points with memorable wisdom from other intellectuals and teachers like William Blake: "All we need to do is cleanse the doors of perception, and we shall see things as they are--infinite." This quote's so perfect that Jim Morrison and The Doors used it in naming themselves. And for theology and spirituality geeks, the section on the mystical possibilities of contemplating God-as-Trinity might just make you applaud. I'm a spirituality geek. I applauded.

Even the prayers and meditations in the appendices made me happy! The Naked Now really is good from cover to cover. My only regret in giving a 5-star rating is that I'm using my dualistic mind to do so...