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Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card Annoyed! That pretty much sums up my feelings about "Ender's Game". My partial list of annoyances includes: the fact that the world sometimes forces children to become warriors (i.e., Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda); Card's presentation of technology/gaming as mainly negative and dehumanizing; Ender's genetically-enhanced perfection; the wooden two-dimensionality of many of the characters; Card's goofy attempt to articulate an empathy-based life philosophy; and the fact that I fell for the surprise ending. How could I not see that bad boy coming?

On the good side, I'm always drawn in by "greater good" debates. How far can a society go in manipulating individuals to achieve its security goals? Not near as far as Card takes matters in "Ender's Game", that's for sure.

Maybe I'm being too hard on Card here. "Ender's Game" can be seen as a scenario taken to the absurd in hopes of making a point. Point taken, I guess. But no, I can't overlook the cring-worthy attempt at religious meaning making. Two stars it is.