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The Warlock - Michael Scott After such a mediocre experience with The Necromancer, I'm a bit surprised I liked The Warlock. The story felt less rushed, Josh's whine factor has decreased significantly, and fewer new folks are introduced, allowing Scott to go deeper with existing characters. Scott even allowed a moment of genuine humor, with Tsagaglalal playing a somewhat scolding mommy to Prometheus, Mars, Odin, and a handful of other immortals. For some reason, I found the scene with Prometheus cooking breakfast meats and dodging spattering grease hilarious. Scott does a solid job of depicting iconic mythological characters as real beings. I saw a negative review of a previous book in the series that accused Scott of battering our cultural heritage. I think it's more fun than anything else.

Overall, I enjoyed the storytelling more in The Warlock than in the first four books. One reason for the improvement may be Scott's increased use of italicized histories and memories to help bridge gaps in the story. For example, every time Sophie touches something or someone, information on origins pops into her head. This storytelling device helps tell the histories of Danu Talis and the relationships between many of the Elders and immortals. Though all of this information could have been provided in fewer books, it's a welcome development that Scott is finally deepening the story instead of adding another shallow plot point or spinoff. And did I mention the final paragraph that surprises and changes your entire perspective of the story?

Whew! I'm caught up with the Flamel series in all of it's lower fantasy, myth busting glory. The final book - The Enchantress comes out in a couple of months. The Warlock has redeemed the series for me, and I might even be looking forward to the arrival of the final installment.