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Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness - Lyanda Lynn Haupt Crow Planet provided plenty of "aha" moments for me. I've always differentiated between the cities where I live and the natural world. Nature has always been "out there" for me. Haupt goes a long way toward removing this artificial barrier. By thinking of urban landscapes as part of the natural world, environmental stewardship becomes something I can do every moment of the day. And I can no longer discount wild animals like Crows and other Corvids that call my city home.

Haunt amazed me with stories of the intelligence of Crows. They sit shiva when another crow dies. They recognize faces. They harass people who have a perceived disagreeable look to them. Sure, groups of them may be called "murders" and they may pluck the eyes out of baby sheep in New Zealand (thanks for sharing that disturbing fact, David Sedaris), but crows are absolutely fascinating, wild creatures worth of observation and respect. I expect lots of folks to become urban naturalists after reading Crow Planet.