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The ABC Murders - Agatha Christie The ABC Murders is my second "stab" (pun intended) at Agatha Christie. This time, instead of a snowbound train with the killer suspected to be among the travelers, Poirot has to track down a serial murderer with apparently random motives. Is the murderer a madman who kills indiscriminately? A cold-blooded, plan-it-out murderer? A vengeful sort? Christie's gift for plotting toyed with me again.

I now have the secret to reading her novels - don't even try to guess the killer. Agatha's trying to fool you, so don't commit yourself to a solution. Instead, shelve your desire to control things, and let her pull you along through the story. The more I surrender to her plot twists, the more I enjoy the story. It's Poirot who's supposed to use his "little gray cells" to solve the mystery, not me.

My next Poirot adventure is The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Then it's on to Jane Marple. Looking forward to it!