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Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie I must admit to making not-so-favorable assumptions as a young person about Agatha Christie. She was such a prolific writer that her stories had to be fluff, right? Well, not exactly. I committed this year to read three Hercule Poirot and three Jane Marple mysteries. I haven't been disappointed so far.

Christie toyed with me a bit throughout Murder on the Orient Express. I thought I had discovered the killer(s) about 10 times, only to have another person become suspicious to me. SPOILER ALERT - how gifted a travel agent does it take to help an entire household plan to be on a train with the fugitive kidnapper and murderer of a young family member? And how gruesome is the idea that all 12 (I believe) household members would take a turn at stabbing the guilty bloke in his sleeping cabin? Christie's a plotting master, and she paints a beautiful picture of the now-vanished world of luxurious Orient Expresses. I strongly recommend the read.

After reading Murder on the Orient Express, I want to see the BBC version of the Poirot mysteries - television versions of Merchant-Ivory flicks, I hear.