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Death Metal - Armand Rosamilia Death Metal's a fast-paced thriller complete with Satanism and a cruel twist at the end. Other than the unintended repetition of sentences in consecutive paragraphs in the last third of the book, the text is clean and well-written. I enjoyed the quick read very much.

My only complaint, and the reason I didn't rate the book higher, is that depth is missing in some important areas. The Natas (Satan reversed) mythos needs fleshing out. What does it mean to be a "Chosen" of Natas? What do the workings of this cult look like? What role does the supernatural play in the story? Does dropping acid open the "Doors of Perception" into dark supernatural realms? Or are we simply dealing with confused drug addled minds all around? Maybe it's the novella format I find lacking here. Triple the length of the story and let Armand's fertile imagination and talent go to town for a little while longer. No doubt, the resulting work would be amazing!