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Carry On, Jeeves

Carry On, Jeeves - P.G. Wodehouse,  Paul Cox Carry On, Jeeves is the third installment in the Wooster/Jeeves series, and my second go at Wodehouse. The Inimitable Jeeves was near perfect, and Carry On, Jeeves isn't far behind.

Really, what can tell reader's more about Bertie than his hiring of Jeeves based primarily on his ultra-effective hangover remedy? Wodehouse lets us see a more "dangerous" side of Bertie in episodes where he suggests and orchestrates the kidnapping of a toddler in hopes of helping a friend reunite with an ex-fiance, and where Bertie encourages a depressed friend to steal a police officer's hat in the name of mood elevation. Jeeves' ideas may be deviously clever, but Bertie's cross into the realm of insanity. In the end, everything comes out roses for our heroes.

Wodehouse does mix things up a bit with Carry On, Jeeves. He offers a fun twist by ending the collection with a story told by Jeeves. And though it begins with toddler abduction, "Fixing It for Freddie" closes with an incredibly sweet moment (a toddler coached to say "Kiss Fweddie!" to promote reconciliation) I hadn't seen previously from Bertie or Jeeves. The madcap, insane, and heartwarming elements of Carry On, Jeeves worked together well for me.

A quick recommendation for readers of Carry On, Jeeves. I read the stories out loud to our family right before bedtime. The wittiness of the dialogue translates very well for group reading. We had a great time!

In all, a very fun read. I recommend it highly.