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The Resurrected: Part Seven

The Resurrected: Part Seven - Megan Hart Part Seven slows down the zombie apocalypse-related action a bit, giving Dennis and Kelsey time to deal with their own family histories. The entire episode takes place in Dennis' family home, which comes with plenty of survivalist charm - boiling weapon-grade toilet water, flame throwers, arrows fired from walls, spikes hidden in the bannister, cremation furnace, poison gas, you name it. Just so you know, should you ever visit Dennis at his family home, a heat-resistant cod piece that can remain on during bathroom visits could provide much needed genital-saving protection.

Who are the real monsters anyway? Living family members? The ghosts of deceased abusers? Flower-loving zombies? Hart has a gift for not letting us forget that monsters roam among us in everyday life, even if they don't have dirty bandaid-smelling zombie halitosis.

Considering their traumatic pasts with the women who raised them, it's not surprising that Dennis and Kelsey would work well together and find comfort in one another. Hart's sense of humor is evident once again as she makes fun of the horror genre's insistence on people getting it on while the world burns around them: "She'd kissed him. She was beautiful and sexy, and she'd kissed him, just like in all those movies where it didn't matter what else was going on, the hero and the heroine always had time for a shag in the middle of the apocalypse." I love Hart's ability to laugh at herself. But really, is it so surprising that two broken individuals whose lifelong tormentors' holds on their lives are weakening would take time to canoodle a bit? The zombie risk pales in comparison to the abuse they've already suffered. The zombies don't stand a chance against these two.

Now that I'm caught up with the story, I have to wait for Hart to publish the next installment. Not fair! I'm curious about what's happening to Katy and Abbie. And what happens when Dennis' dad comes knocking? Should be interesting!