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The Resurrected: Part Five

The Resurrected: Part Five - Megan Hart Okay, I'm back off the unhappy ledge after moving from part four on to part five. The cliffhanger style is back, but with a new storyline headlined by Katy, not Abbie. That makes two cliffhangers outstanding, and a boatload of questions left to answer. Should be fun reading ahead!

Beyond "where did they come from?" and the "why?" of the storms, the big question for me relates to the commonalities and connecting points between the women who survive and resist the infection. We still have plenty to learn about Katy, but both Abbie and Kelsey have very difficult pasts marked by separation, abuse, anxiety, and "sin" (alcoholism, murder). These and other challenges have made these women survivors who are able to summon the strength needed to fight off sickness and "re-kill" the resurrected. Bludgeoning, stabbing, punching, kicking, shooting, you name it. Even if the resurrected is someone once known and loved, these women will react to their current humanity-less state, doing whatever's needed to protect the living and survive for another day.

So many questions! Has "Mind" chosen these women as a morbidly "elected" remnant? Is there something in their past as survivors that makes them less susceptible to the sickness stemming from the storms? Is a god/force behind these storms? Or is this all bio and geo engineering run amok? I have no clue! Hart makes me want to find out the answers though.

And what can I say about Hart's use of language to paint amazing sensory pictures. Read her description of the odor emanating from the menacing, gaping maw of a resurrected: "Steve turned toward her, mouth yawning wide and wider, a vast and open space gone black inside, no sign of teeth or even tongue. There was no sound. Just the sensation of a fine, hot mist hitting her face and a stench like dirty bandaids, thick enough to choke her." I can't say I know exactly what dirty bandaids smell like, but I have an idea. I was smelling old, used bandaids for the rest of the episode.

"The Resurrected" series has been fun to read. I'm looking forward to Part Six.