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The Resurrected: Part Four

The Resurrected: Part Four - Megan Hart What just happened? Part Three earned five stars and ended with a fantastic cliffhanger. Then what? An intermission? Kathy/Kelsey takes over for Abbie. It's as if the events leading up to the cliffhanger didn't even happen. Momentum quashed; buzz killed.

As a standalone story, Part Four is just okay. After a fairly clean first three episodes, typos and grammatical errors abound. And what's up with "Granny Dearest"? "You giant lump. You huge, gross slob. You're a whale, you know that? ... You repulsive, fat cow. You make me want to vomit." Such mental abuse deserves a good poisoning in response. The grandmothers abusive treatment of her 12-year-old granddaughter was painful to witness, and felt a bit heavy-handed to me.

No doubt for me, Part Four is the weakest installment of "The Resurrected" thus far. Because the first three parts are so strong, I'm going to treat Part Four as exception rather than rule. I look forward to reconnecting with Abbie and Benji in future episodes.