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The Resurrected: Part Three

The Resurrected: Part Three - Megan Hart Jeesh, Hart's hitting her stride! First there's the flip flop in point-of-view between first- and third person. Hart lets us hear the thoughts of a "resurrected" - Renton Foster, one of the most unique televangelists you'll ever meet. How scary would this line be from anyone, let alone from someone who hears the voice of "fathergod" and murders his parents to ensure a divinely-ordained happier life for himself: "It's not narcissism if the world really does revolve around you." Hitler, Pol Pot, or Mussolini anyone? My greatest consolation with Renton's character? His "fathergod" stops speaking to him and then his face explodes. Buh Bye. I hope he doesn't get re-resurrected.

And just because, I love Hart's/Renton's description of a toppled cadaver: "I can still hear the rotten pumpkin sound of its skull hitting the floor, but there wasn't any blood. Corpses don't bleed. Or breathe. But they can break open." Hart has a thing about heads, faces and bodies breaking open or exploding. She likes to compare busted heads to dropped watermelons and pumpkins. Gross, but descriptive.

Then there's Abbie. Her struggles with alcoholism and relationships are tragic and very real. Her own brokenness leads to forced separation from her husband and two sons. And out of this brokenness comes what? The Terminator! Abbie goes from victim to weapon, beating her infected-then-resurrected husband into a bloody lifeless pulp. And what does she do when her son Jordan shows signs of infection as well? She tells Benji to turn his head and then smothers Jordan with a pillow. Talk about a hardening of character! And then Hart get's sinister with the mother of all cliffhangers. Nice try Megan, Part Four's already queued up on my Kindle.

Between the telling of Abbie's story and the trip inside the head of a murderous mouthpiece of "fathergod", Part Three steps above the first two and earns five stars from me. Now about that cliffhanger...