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The Resurrected: Part One

The Resurrected: Part One - Megan Hart "The Resurrected" represents my first foray into the work of Megan Hart. I associate erotica and romance with her, two genres I've spent very little time exploring. But Megan's most recent work in serialized horror came highly recommended by a friend, so I was eager to give it a try. And after reading part one, I'm glad I heeded her advice.

First a confession. Though I now call the Twin Cities home, I was born in and have spent the majority of my life thus far in Oklahoma. I attended Edmond Memorial High School just north of Oklahoma City, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma in Norman. As a young person, I experienced tornado drills at school, complete with duck-and-cover instructions. At one point (and maybe still?) my home town of Edmond held the record for the largest hail stone. The sound of air raid/storm sirens that went off regularly during bad weather still make me squirm. I've heard the train-like sound of a tornado touching down nearby. And the otherworldly pea green soup colored sky when tornadoes are near? Terrifying! Though a tornado never hit our house, I do remember insulation and shingles raining down on our front lawn when a twister touched down on the other side of town. So, Hart's depiction of a storm ravaging small Oklahoma towns resonates deeply with me. I actually felt nervous as Abbie and Cal took cover in the bathtub!

Not surprisingly, Hart puts Cal and Abbie in the sack together. I must admit that my prudish-when-it-comes-to-book-lovin' self thought briefly about an eye roll, but in the end, the scene was very well written and fit the story perfectly. The sexual encounter followed by the extreme trauma of dodging a powerful tornado together set the stage well for Cal and Abbie to go on a life-or-death adventure together.

And I love Hart's sense of humor! When the televangelist-turned-survivor claims events in the storm's aftermath to be a sign from God, Hart has Abbie think: "It was a sign of something, that was true. A sign of some kind of fuckery, which was typical for religion, as far as she was concerned." Fuckery's an underutilized term I think. Then there's Hart's "About the Author" statement: "I was born and then I lived awhile and I did some stuff. Then I did some things and whatnot. Now, I mostly write books." If part one of "The Resurrected" is any indication, she does that writing books thing pretty well too.

While I enjoyed part one, I do reserve the right to change my mind on the merits of the story as the episodes progress. For now, I'm very satisfied to let Hart pull me along through installment after installment.