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Thank God for Evolution!

Thank God for Evolution!: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World - Michael Dowd I'm far from an expert on evolution. So, I enjoyed reading Dowd's introduction to the concept. For many years, I've embraced a Deep Time perspective, but really had no words to flesh out my thoughts. The idea that the universe has taken 13.7 billion years to create someone like me is beautiful, mysterious. And who knows what the universe has up its sleeve for the next 13.7 billion years? Let's see where the evolutionary impulse takes us.

While Dowd goes a long way toward making evolution understandable for all people of faith, including fundamentalists, I doubt fundamentalists will take to this thought without a fight. Didn't Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains fame just write a fundamentals-inspired introduction to Darwin's Origin of Species, and then encourage distribution on college campuses across the country? Man, talk about feeling threatened by scientific discovery! Intelligent designers and staunch creationists simply won't budge, even with Dowd's sincere effort to promote dialogue on the subject. As a science-loving clergyperson, I wish Dowd well, and will support his efforts to build meaningful bridges between science and religion. God knows, the church needs his help...